Autoresponders are within the most important tools you can use when doing business online. The only thing more significant is your opt-in list! Unluckily all autoresponders start without a list until your mailing list starts filling up with email addresses.

There are numerous ways to quicken building such an opt-in list. Among the easiest and quickest is giving things away for free. Some will tell you that it is a waste of time, and it probably is when you already own a huge list you can market to. But it is a way to get a list built for those who don't have one now. Just promote your freebie, don't think of the payment for advertisement as lost money, see it as a kind of investment in your future earnings.

You can give away an ezine, free reports, free ebooks or anything else you can think of. Your objective is to get people to sign up to receive this freebie and to agree to receive future emails from you. For both parties this is a win-win situation, just you will get a little bit more in this deal. The recipient gets the freebie and you the contact details as well as the permission to email them in future.

And if you do it right, you can get even a little bit more than that. The freebie you are giving away can be used to promote your products and services. It is a way to get some extra revenue, even if it has just some affiliate links for related products to the topic of your freebie. When sending emails in future you can promote your products and services again. But make sure to include useful information as well otherwise people will drop off of your autoresponder opt-in list in no time.

It is critical to your success to use every single chance that is gifted in the world of Internet Marketing. You have the opportunity to earn money within the freebie you are giving away. You have the opportunity to earn money in the 'thank you' page as well as in the 'thank you' email you are sending after people signed up. And you have the opportunity to earn money in every single message you are going to send out in future. Don't waste these chances and put your business on auto pilot with using an autoresponder.

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